About Us

About Tima Pools

TIMA MECHANICAL COMPANY, founded in 1982, is a leading constructor of Swimming pool water Treatment and Filtration systems and solutions in the State of Kuwait. The company is an authority in providing service and solution for all Industry, the Private and Government sector.
Our company is specialize in turn-key construction, of swimming pool, fountain, lakes, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam bath and landscape designing, Managed by highly experienced professional engineering group, architects and supported by trained skilled employees.
We develop and design swimming pools with high quality products, systems and solutions with a targeted focus on the needs and requirements of our customers. We work in an effective team process with our customers, a process which respects and incorporates our customers’ business goals and requirements as well as their technical needs.

Our Mission

“Promote good products and enable quality services”


To promote consistent quality and exceptional services, our company is alienated to different department

1) Project Department deals in entire construction.  
2) Maintenance Department manage the mechanical and electrical maintenance.
3) Water Treatment Department.
4) Commercial Department deals with the marketing and distribution of products with high facilitated three where houses located in Kuwait.


Engineering Support

1) Evaluate technology and ensure quality.
2) Assign or custom formulate best product to address system issues.
3) Continuously update programs for providing best conditions and new technologies.
4) Design best equipment application technology.
5) Provide full service, solution and complete system.
6) Provide a wide range of chemicals and equipment.

Field Representatives

Highly qualified construction, sales and service application engineers who design, install, and monitor swimming pool and water treatment programs. Provide custom designed service programs for all applications.

For years, our reputation for providing consistent quality and exceptional customer service has attracted numerous customers who continue to have our precious customer care. Whichever option you choose, you will discover that the secret of our success lies in our unrivaled expertise in every aspect of construction, maintenance and after all services .We are long established and works with highly experienced professionals and technicians to ensure comprehensive client satisfaction.

Our Brands

Our research and development operations, staffed by professionals with combined years of experience


Our research and development operations, staffed by professionals with combined years of experience